Melanie Reese
Born in Livingston, NJ
Lives and works in East Hampton, NY
Instagram @melaniereese

2017­­      MFA Fine Arts, School of Visual Arts, New York City, NY
2014      Post-Baccalaureate Certificate, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA
2014      Two Certificates, Sotheby’s Institute Online
2013      B.S. Studio Art, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY

Professional Experience
2020-present      Artist Community Development Manager, Art in Res (YC W20)
2020-present     Curator, Art in Res (YC W20)
2015-2017             Studio Manager, Zaria Forman Studio, Brooklyn, NY 

Solo Exhibitions
2021       Echo, MILCON Gallery, Digital Exhibition
2019       Color & Light, 173 Green Street Gallery, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY
2018       Alaska Landscapes, Suzette LaValle, Brooklyn, NY
2018      SSS #26, R&D Studios Bushwood, Ridgewood, NY
2018      BLUEPRINT Piano Series: 1913, Greenwhich Music House, New York, NY
2018      New Year, New Nature, R&D Studios Bushwood, Ridgewood, NY
2017      SSS#23, R&D Studios Bushwood, NY
2017      4 Trumps, Suzette LaValle, Brooklyn, NY
2016      Melanie Reese prints, Suzette LaValle, Brooklyn, NY
2016      SSS#14, R&D Studios Brooklyn, Bushwick, NY
2015      Melanie Reese, solo show at Suzette LaValle, Brooklyn, NY
Group Exhibitions
[* denotes juried exhibition]
[** denotes virtual exhibition]
2021       Depth Perception, The Yard – City Hall, New York, NY
2021       Leaving the Body, The Yard – City Hall, New York, NY
2021       Shape In All Its Forms, Site:Brooklyn Gallery**, Brooklyn, NY
2021       Shades of Blue***, Art Room Gallery
2021       Curations with Jordan Holms: Waiting***, Art in Res
2021       Group Show**, Shrine Gallery, New York, NY
2020     The Guest Curation: Blanche Garcia of B. garcia Designs***, Art in Res
2020     Curations with Jordan Holms: Sehnsucht***, Art in Res
2020     Fall Fun!***, Art in Res
2020    The Guest Curation: Emily McElwreath***, Art in Res
2019      Monochrome*, Site:Brooklyn Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2019      A PIGMENT OF YOUR IMAGINATION, 173 Green Street Gallery, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY
2017      To What ENd, Gallery 2, Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT
2017      Unicode, SVA Exhibition, Flatiron Gallery, NY, NY
2017      Cognitive Dissidence, Thesis SVA MFA Fine Arts, curated by Dan Cameron, Brooklyn, NY
2017      The Map is Not the Territory, SVA MA Curatorial Practices, Pfizer Building, NY
2017      58th Long Island Artist*, Art League of Long Island, Jeanie Tengelsen Gallery, Dix Hills, NY
2017      ¡¡¡Girls Gone Wild: NastyWomanEdition!!!, R&D Studios Bushwood, NY
2017      NYC, Vellum Magazine, OffLINE at CENTRAL BOOKING, NY, NY
2017      This is Brooklyn, The Stoop BK, Bushwick, NY
2016      ARTIFICIAL FRILLS, Cloying Parlor, Brooklyn, NY
2016      Breach, Rabbit Hole Studio, Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY
2016      Girls Gone Wild Spring Break Edition, R&D Studios Brooklyn, Bushwick, NY
2015      Play Me A Game, The Skybridge Gallery, Eugene Lang College, NY, NY
2015      Remember Me Offline, SVA MA Curatorial Practice, New York, NY
2014      Post-Appreciation, Diego Rivera Gallery, SFAI, San Francisco, CA
2014      All Kinds of Wonder, The Gallery at the Watershed, Eugene, OR
2014      Connection, The Gallery at the Watershed, Eugene, OR
2013      The Story of the Creative, See.Me New York City Gallery
2013      Elsewhere Artists, Elsewhere Studios, Paonia, CO
2013      Senior Thesis Exhibition, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY
2013      Skidmore College Student Artwork Exhibition*, Schick Art Gallery, Saratoga Springs, NY
2011       SACI Fall 2011 Student Exhibition, Florence, Italy
2010      Face & Figure*, The Art Guild of Nassau County at Elderfields Preserve, Manhasset, NY

2021     "Painter Mel Reese Makes Art for Those Who Revel in the Quiet Beauties", AWT
2021     "Studio Visit: Volume Forty-Nine/Fifty", Studio Visit Magazine, Volume 49-50
2021     "Studio Image Project", Friend of the Artist
2021     "Interview with Melanie Reese", MILCON Gallery
2020    "Featured Artists / Recent Work", New American Paintings
2020    "Visit the Studio with Mel Reese", Art in Res, Inside the Studio
2019      “Studio Visit: Volume Forty-Five”, Studio Visit Magazine, Volume 45
2018      “No.134 Northeast Issue”, New American Paintings, Northeast Issue #134
2018      “Artist Profile: Melanie Reese”, Inside Artists, Issue 11 Winter 2017/18
2017      “What 14 Artists Wish They Knew at the Start of Their Career”, Artwork Archive Blog
2017      “NYC”, Vellum Magazine, fall/winter 2017
2016      “Women’s Lib: Melanie Reese Talks Abstract Art”, KINDLAND
2015      “Highly Political Paintings of Sexualized Women by Melanie Reese”, Wallhop

Other Professional Activities & Awards
2021       IG Live Interview – A Women's Thing
2021      Artist Talk – MILCON Gallery, virtual
2021      Artist Talk – Art in Res, virtual
2017      Residency – Vermont Studio Center, VT [November]
2017      Award of Excellence, 58th Long Island ArtistExhibition, Art League of Long Island
2016      Panel Participant, “The Entrepreneurial Artist Workshop”, Skidmore College, Tang Museum
2013      Residency - Elsewhere Studios, Paonia, CO

2021      “Artist Bios”, #CollectorEducation Series, Art in Res
2020     “Why Does Artwork Cost What It Costs? Part 3”,#CollectorEducation Series, Art in Res
2020     “Why Does Artwork Cost What It Costs? Part 2”, #CollectorEducation Series, Art in Res
2020     “Why Does Artwork Cost What It Costs?”, #CollectorEducation Series, Art in Res

2021      Fractured Truths, SPRING/BREAK Art Show
2021      LARGE & Hung, Bushwood Land
2021     Time in Color & Light, Art in Res
2020    Goodbye 2020. Hello 2021!, Art in Res
2020    Christmas 2020, Art in Res
2020    Spooky, Art in Res
2020    Fall Fun!, Art in Res
2020    The Square, Art in Res
2020    Pairs, Art in Res
2020    Text in Art, Artin Res
2020    Materials​, Art in Res
2020    People, Art in Res
2020    Abstract Thoughts, Art in Res
2020    The Places Art Can Take Us, Art in Res
2020    Summer Sun!, Art in Res
2020    Art as a Moment For Reflection, Art in Res
2020    Momentum, Art in Res
2020    Pre-Social Distancing Nostalgia, Art in Res
2020    WFH Escapism, Art in Res
2020    WFH - The Simple Pleasures, Art in Res
2020    WFH Blues, Art in Res
2020    WFH​, Art in Res

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